I’ve Got Eyes! by Julie Murphy

This is a guest book review by Mrs Brooks, a teacher librarian in Brisbane for I’ve Got Eyes! written by Julie Murphy and illustrated by Hannah TolsonThe children at her school library love reading this book!

The Eyes Have It!

I’ve Got Eyes! written by Julie Murphy, a trained zoologist and zookeeper, is a highly engaging non-fiction book about some of the exceptional eyes found in the animal kingdom.

Using double pages to combine easy to read and highly informative facts and colourful close-up illustrations, Julie and Hannah enable readers to discover fascinating clues about familiar (and not so familiar animals) and how their eyes have adapted to their unique environments. Can you guess which animal has HANDLEBAR eyes or why oblong eyes are VERY useful for a goat?

This book will amaze and intrigue readers as they pore over the pages, delighting in discovering why animal eyes are so different, whilst pondering the question – What can our eyes do?

Happy reading!

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3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Eyes! by Julie Murphy

  1. Thank you for posting this review for me Miss Y. We were thrilled to win a copy for our library and it has been a firm favourite for quite a few children. We have learnt so much about adaptations to different environments and how important eyes are for animals. We also have come up with many uses for our eyes but I have assured my cherubs that I teach they really shouldn’t be used to roll your eyes at the teacher 🤣

    • Hi Mrs B,

      Your library was very lucky to win a copy of this wonderful book and for your students to be able to learn so much about animals and their extraordinary eyes. Great advice about eye rolling…especially if the wind changes!

      Happy reading to everyone at your library!

      Miss Y 🙂

  2. Thank you both, Mrs B and Miss Y, for your lovely comments about I’ve Got Eyes, and for helping to let others know about it. The more I hear about kids enjoying this book, the happier I’ll be!

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