Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King

I am a huge fan of author and illustrator Stephen Michael King whose illustrations dance with joy and creativity.  Stephen says that he loves to draw and dream and likes nothing better than when a small idea grows beyond his original imagining.

Stephen Michael King lives on an island and I love that he has added a few “Henry and Amy” wiggles and a bunch of squiggly “Milli” somethings to his house. You can find out more about Stephen HERE and the books he has created over 20 years HERE 

Rainbow Bear is a playful story set in a white snowy world. When Bear returns from a trip to the city with gifts for his family, he wakes the next morning to find himself looking rather different. Who are the secret artists that decorate his furry canvas with colourful swirls and dots and lines and circles each night while he’s asleep? When Bear finds a clue, he turns the tables on the little artists and they share a fun family day of colour and creativity before diving into the deep blue ocean, blowing bubbles and turning somersaults.

After reading Rainbow Bear, you might be tempted to colour in the black and white endpapers. (I think Stephen Michael King might love his readers to do just that!)
Why do you think the endpapers are black and white? Did you also notice that the endpapers are different? 

Did you know Stephen Michael King often includes a little red bird in his picture books (you can see a picture of it on his website). I wonder if you can find his bird in Rainbow Bear

“I love colouring outside the lines – and that made creating ‘Rainbow Bear’ a whole lot of fun.” (Stephen Michael King)

Happy reading and creating!

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King

  1. Totally agree with you Kim – Stephen Michael King is a brilliant illustrator and his books brings joy to every reader. Rainbow Bear is so much fun.

    • I would love to meet Stephen Michael King one day, Louise!
      His books have been such a joy to share with my library classes over the years 🙂

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