Cocoon by Aura Parker

Dawn and her friends have a plan!
They are going to eat as many leaves as they can,
weave cocoons and turn into moths so they can fly!
Easy peasy right?

Dawn the caterpillar discovers that changing from a caterpillar into a moth is not as easy as it sounds. Eating leaves all day long is the easy part. There are knots and tangles and Dawn’s patience is tested as she learns to use sticky silk threads to weave her cocoon…argh!! Finally tucked into her cosy cocoon, Dawn misses her friends and waits and worries that her wings may never sprout. What if she doesn’t grow them at all? Dawn reminds us to not give up on our dreams as she faces one final challenge before she can fly and chase the lights with her friends.

Aura Parker’s playful water colour and ink illustrations include tiny details that invite you to take a closer look. Cocoon’s vibrant endpapers are bursting with nature, but why are they different? Can you find the eggs, caterpillars, cocoons and moths that Aura has cleverly hidden in the endpapers?

Dawn is a delightful character and Aura captures her emotions with such simplicity. How do you think does Aura does this? Look at the illustrations for some clues.

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One of my favourite pages is the dream cocoon that Dawn imagines with her own nectar pool and wing design studio. I wonder what you would include in a dream cocoon for Dawn? 

Explore HERE if you are interested in information that compares moths and butterflies.

If you enjoy being creative, Aura has designed a cocoon finger puppet for you to colour and make HERE

If you enjoyed reading Twig, you are going to love reading Cocoon too!

Happy reading!

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