Fearless Frederic by Felice Arena

Last year Felice Arena’s writing took a new turn when he released his first historical fiction novel. The Boy and the Spy took his readers on thrilling spy adventure set in Sicily during World War Two. I know there will be many readers excited to read his latest historical fiction novel Fearless Frederic.

In Fearless Frederic, readers are transported to Paris during the ‘Great Flood’ of 1910 when many people were made homeless as the water from the River Seine rose up through the sewers into their homes. The lives of Frederic, Claire and Thierry intersect in an exciting adventure where friendship and courage are central. They become the Floodwater Friends as they rescue others from rising flood waters, encounter a dangerous escaped zoo animal and battle against pickpockets and looters. Frederic learns important lessons as they work together like the Three Musketeers to stop art thieves and bring about justice for Frederic’s father.

You are going to be immersed in life in Paris in 1910 and swept up in this fast moving adventure.

Don’t forget to read the back of the book where Felice explains how he came to the idea for this story and the research he undertook to ensure his story is realistic and accurate. You can also read the back story of Fearless Frederic in this interview with Felice.

After reading Fearless Frederic, I have a list of places to visit and thanks to Thierry, the magnificent Sainte Genevieve library is at the top of my list!

Look closely as you watch the book trailer. Can you see a creature?

Happy reading!

Teacher notes

Kensy and Max: Breaking News by Jacqueline Harvey

What would you do if you woke up in a strange place? If your whole life changed in an instant and you had no idea what was going on?

Jacqueline Harvey is the author of  the hugely successful Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose series and now you can meet her newest characters, Kensy and Max in their action-packed spy adventure series.

‘Breaking News’ is the first book in the Kensy and Max series. The story is like a carefully crafted jigsaw puzzle made up of missing parents, intriguing characters, mysterious events, suspicious looking grannies, cryptic codes, a strange new school, and family secrets all intricately linked and ready for the reader to piece together with Kensy and Max.

Resilient and resourceful twins, Kensy and Max Grey will appeal to readers who enjoy following clues, cracking codes, solving mysteries and being part of the action alongside the twins. When you finish this book you will be waiting excitedly for the second book to find out more about Kensy and Max and their exciting new life at the highly secretive Pharos.

Happy reading!

Ninja Kid by Anh Do

Mum took a deep breath and put her arm around me. “We have something to tell you, Nelson,” she said. “We were waiting to see if anything would change today – on your tenth birthday – and it seems it has.”

Nelson Kenny Kane is a nerdy kid who is unfit, uncool and trips over…a lot. On his tenth birthday he discovers he can see perfectly without his glasses and does an amazing double front flip to get out of bed to escape a spider! Nelson’s life is about to change forever when his mum and grandma reveal he is a NINJA. With the help of his food loving cousin, Kenny and his inventor grandma’s crazy gadgets and inventions made from junk, Nelson begins his ninja training and soon learns that strength is not just about a person’s muscles. When the town of Duck Creek is terrorised by a terrifying Tyranno-Spider, it’s Nelson’s quick thinking that saves the day. However at the end of the action-packed day, Kenny is left with a big question…who was the angry man in the helicopter controlling the giant spider and why does he look familiar?

There’s lots of action, laughs, creativity and problem solving in this book. Fans of Weirdo and Hot Dog will definitely enjoy the adventures as Nelson transforms from Nerd to Ninja!

Happy reading!