Real Pigeons Fight Crime by Andrew McDonald

Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? Yes, pigeons!

Some pigeons might spend their day cooing or looking for breadcrumbs, but not the Real Pigeons! This feathered secret crime-fighting squad solve mysteries and fight bad guys to keep your city safe. Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood reveal all in Real Pigeons Fight Crime.

GrandPouter has gathered together his team of pigeons who are perfect for fighting crime because they are fast, can attack and they’re everywhere! Each pigeon in the team also has his own unique pigeon power. They hold their top secret team meetings in rubbish bins (which can be dangerous on bin collection day!) and are always on the look out for animals and people to help and mysteries to solve. They might be checking out your neighbourhood right now!  

In the three stories in this book, GrandPouter, Rock, Homey, Tumbler and Frillback work together using some very creative (or is that crazy) problem solving combined with their pigeon powers to solve The Great Breadcrumb Mystery, track down an elusive Bat Trapper and prevent a disaster at the Food Truck Fair. Keep an eye out for Rock’s clever (and sometimes wacky) disguises and Tumbler’s impressive flight moves when he flies at night with the bats. 

If you’re looking for a new funny series to read then this is it. I’m sure you will have as much fun reading Real Pigeons Fight Crime as Andrew and Ben have had writing and illustrating it. They are a fabulous team who share the same wacky sense of humour that bursts out their book! You won’t look at pigeons in the same way ever again!

Create your own Real Pigeon
Research pigeons to help you create your own Real Pigeon character.

What are its characteristics and pigeon power?
What is its name?
What will it look like?

Lucky for you, the second book in the Real Pigeon series called Real Pigeons Eat Danger will be coming in November! Read more about it HERE

Happy reading and being Super Coo fighting crime with the Real Pigeons!

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Other Worlds: Perfect World by George Ivanoff

If you are a bit of an adventurer and like exploring then the Other Worlds series by George Ivanoff  has action and adventure mixed with sci-fi and fantasy that would be perfect for you!

The different characters in each stand-alone book find themselves drawn to a key that takes various forms depending on the person. They will want to touch it and by touching the key, they will open a doorway to another world…

In Perfect World, Computer geek Keagan didn’t expect to find himself in a world of clones obsessed with perfection when he was out buying pickles for his mum! 

Taking a shortcut, Keagan finds himself drawn to a computer chip locked in a cabinet of a weird shop called Matilda’s Collectibles. When he trips over and the cabinet shatters, Keagan grabs the computer chip. A shimmering doorway appears and Keagan finds the doorway open to Perfect World.

Perfect World is where people are cloned in groups of five. Everything in the city is controlled. Children learn by having information streamed directly into their brains. Perfection must be maintained at all costs. There is no room for individuality. Is this really a perfect world? Would you want to live in it?

Keagan who is different and therefore imperfect ends up at the Dumping Ground. This is where he finds the rejected clones known as the ‘Refuse’ living in the sewage tunnels filled with junk from the Perfect World above. Keagan meets feisty Eone and the other rejects who have embraced being different and use the junk around them to enhance their individuality. Keagan joins Eone in her mission with the Elders to bring about change to Perfect World. Will perfection or individuality win?

Will Keagan be able to escape Perfect World and find his way home?

There are four books in the Other Worlds series:

Perfect World…a weird world of clones who are obsessed with perfection

Beast World…a crazy world that looks like steampunk London

Game World…a strange virtual reality – part of a game world where humans are battling computers for survival

Dark World…a scary world ravaged by the Darkness

Read more about each book HERE

Happy reading!

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