Total Quack Up! edited by Sally Rippin and Adrian Becks

Total Quack Up! is a collection of short stories from some of Australia’s funniest children’s authors guaranteed to have you quacking up and laughing out loud! So be careful where you read this book…

Sally Rippin and Adrian Beck are the editors of Total Quack Up! They wanted to help raise money for Dymocks Children’s Charities who work very hard to make sure kids across the country get their hands on great books and develop the skills they need to read them. Sally and Adrian asked eight author friends if they would like to write a funny story and James Foley to be the illustrator. These generous people donated their story and illustrations to create this book and all of the proceeds from Total Quack Up! will go to Dymock’s Children’s Charities.

Buying a copy of Total Quack Up! is a ‘win-win’ because you get a funny book to enjoy AND you will be helping other kids to have books so they can enjoy reading too!

Here’s a taste of the stories in Total Quack Up!…

After reading Total Quack Up! you might be inspired to write your own funny short story…

Happy reading!

Tom Weekly is back…looking a little different!

‘Every single word in these books is true. Except the stuff I made up.’

The Tom Weekly series by Tristan Bancks is back with a whole new look…new covers, bigger illustrations by Gus Gordon and more space inside. The first three rebranded books came out on April 1st.  This a perfect time to try out this funny and sometimes gross series if you haven’t read it yet! These books are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, your stomach squirm and you will want to keep turning the pages to see what Tom Weekly gets up to next or how he manages to wangle himself out of trouble.

I also recommend these stories as great fun to read aloud to a class and they generate lots of creative ideas for writing with students.

Some of my favourite Tom Weekly stories are Toe, Scab, The Good Boy, Meatball and of course Ninja Librarians.
Do you have a favourite Tom Weekly story?

Fans of Tom Weekly will be excited to know that the next book in the series called ‘My Life and other Failed Experiments’ will be out on July 1st.

Happy reading!